What are the examples of noun? (Nouns Sentences)

What are examples of Noun?  Examples of Noun in sentences. Use of Nouns in Sentences, Know how nouns are used in English Grammar with rules. Examples of nouns can teach you how a noun functions as a part of speech. When we write a sentence, we start it with a subject or noun. A subject may be a noun.

We know that the word ‘noun‘ is the name of a person, place, thing, animal, bird, and idea. The noun means name. We identify the people and things with their names. as; John, Bible, Pen, New York, California, Smartphone, Lion, Gold, etc. There are five types of nouns in English grammar; Proper, Common, Collective, Material, and Abstract Noun. Some nouns can be counted and some nouns cannot be counted. Let’s read the sentences/examples of nouns below;

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What are examples of nouns in sentences?

Examples of Noun:

  1. The United States of America is the greatest country.
  2. She bought a new carpet two days ago.
  3. I have been learning music since January.
  4. He has visited the hospital five times.
  5. George changed the password of his computer last night.
  6. People don’t like to walk in winter.
  7. Her mother was extremely kind to her.
  8. India is a country of democracy.
  9. Rich people use precious things.
  10. The teacher was teaching mathematics in the classroom.
  11. The employee was sacred of fire last night.
  12. He moved his men and materials.
  13. The earth moves around the sun.
  14. He said, “Our company is progressing day by day.”
  15. The team of doctors performed a heart operation and succeeded.
  16. The man you saved yesterday was a notorious thief.
  17. She bought some balloons for her child from the store yesterday.
  18. He visited an old monument of his City.
  19. Do you know where is the Taj Mahal located?
  20. I have never received his letter before.
  21. A computer plays an important role in our life.
  22. Your son passed his exam with excellent marks.
  23. This boy is going to be a good doctor.
  24. Last year we visited the highest mountain in Asia.
  25. He asked me a very difficult question about mathematics.
  26. We have got a new dress that the tailor has made for us.
  27. My kids are learning how to make a kite.
  28. He passed the term examination last year.
  29. Our Earth is a unique planet because it has water.
  30. A village was very important as most people live there.
  31. I put my raincoat on the table but now it is not there.
  32. On the last saturday, our team won the final football match.
  33. Have you ever seen a big colourful and beautiful peacock?
  34. There is a big and nice canteen in our school.
  35. People who are wearing tickets at the counters.

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